Equine Solutions

Your horses are wonderful treasures: precious and unique. The character of every single animal shines like a beacon: strong, beautiful, full of energy and fire. For your horses, nothing but the very best is good enough. We offer the best equine wall and floor solutions for modern equestrian husbandry. This is our unique characteristic.

PVP specialises in rubber system solutions for the equine industry.
Four criteria are decisive in deter- mining the HOW and the WHY:

  • 1. The health of your horse:
    We take our cue from what horses really need.
  • 2.The functionality of the entire facility:
    With a view to your particular needs as horse owners or breeders.
  • 3.The aesthetics of the facility:
    It should be both beautiful and unique.
  • 4.The perfect complete solution:
    Thanks to our professional advice tailored 100% to your needs.

We will install the best quality - MADE IN GERMANY. Whatever your needs, whether in stables, walkways, pool surroundings or breeding and training areas – for each particular horse area, we offer the optimal rubber surface solutions.


  • Indoor & Outdoor Walkways in: Stables
  • Circulation Areas Veterinary Clinics Parade Rings
  • Pool Areas
  • Open Air Areas