Artificial football surfaces

The modern, third generation artificial turf, whether found in club sports, football stadiums or gymnasia is here to stay. In order for the artificial turf ground to perform optimally as a playing field, multiple layers of the artificial turf systems are used to guarantee sport functionality. Every layer has its function (see artificial turf structure). Whether for hockey, football, rugby or tennis – the PVP modular system with our prefabricated elastic layer from the SPORTMAT line, SM-GG1-650, together with our strewn granulate assures that the entire turf system retains its functional and technical properties for optimum athletic performance.

Artificial turf grounds have many advantages compared to natural turf grounds:

  • Easy installation
  • Play is possible year-round, even under poor weather conditions, rain, snow or frost – hence a significant increase in the playing season for club sports
  • Long-life even with heavy use
  • Less care and maintenance expense for the club
  • Preserves the playing qualities, such as flexibility, shock absorption, and ball performance
  • Gentle for the muscles and joints of athletes
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Good water permeability
  • Satisfies environmental compatibility according to DIN V 18035-7